Danielle Towers

Humans of Dementia

Danielle Towers

Photograph by Danielle Towers

Nearly 50 million people worldwide have dementia. Their stories deserve to be told, even if they can no longer tell them themselves. HFC’s annual storytelling contest – Humans of Dementia – engages young people across the U.S. to share the stories of people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia who have touched their lives. The contest invites high school and college students to submit written profiles and/or photo entries that profile a loved one or someone they know who had or who is living with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias. This contest sheds light on a dark disease by telling the beautiful stories of people whose lives are not defined by the disease. By bringing these stories out from the shadows, together we remove the shame and stigma often surrounding an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Featuring: Various Artists
Curated by: HFC: Bringing Light to Alzheimer's
Location: Old Fulton Road

2021 High School Photo Winners:
Asia Brody (1st Place); Chloe Lu (2nd Place); Charity Clifton (3rd Place)

2021 College Photo Winners:
Danielle Towers (1st Place); Marcus Lopez (2nd Place); Luna Chen (3rd Place)

2021 High School Essay Winners:
Fiona Dority (1st Place) Amanda Mauer (2nd Place); Ford Legg (3rd Place)

2021 College Essay Winners:
Meryl Biju (1st Place); Harry Tucker (2nd Place); Augustine Guinto (3rd Place)


Please refer to https://wearehfc.org/humansofdementia/ for photo winners’ bios and for written winners schools and location.

HFC’s 2021 Humans of Dementia contest is presented by AARP and sponsored by FUJIFILM North American Corporation. Contest partners include MemoryWell, Generations United, Photoville and The Bob and Diane Fund.

About The Organization

HFC is a national non-profit whose mission is to care for families impacted by Alzheimer’s disease today, activate the next generation of Alzheimer’s advocates, and be a leader in brain health research and education. Founded in 2012 by Lauren Miller Rogen, Seth Rogen, and friends, HFC’s mission has always been to bring light to a dark subject. Our goals are to change the trajectory of Alzheimer’s and dementia by empowering people with the tools, knowledge, and skills to take care of their brain health while also providing critical support to families impacted by the disease.