Walking Tour with Indigenous Photograph

Did you ever wish there was some photo-world superstar who would walk you around Photoville and show you their favorite work? Welcome back to our famous Photoville Guided Tours!

The Indigenous Photograph team and artists will talk you through their exhibitions, proudly supported by Photoville and Leica Camera USA.

This is a rare opportunity to take a curated tour of Photoville, learn about the exhibited visual stories in Brooklyn Bridge Park and even meet a few of the artists along the way! So put on your walking shoes and your mask, and join us for this special tour!

Event Safety Guidelines

Please note, that we require everyone, regardless of their vaccination status, to wear a mask while participating in our Photoville Community Day workshops, tours and family activities. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave if they are not wearing a mask, are not practicing a reasonable amount of social distancing or are conducting themselves in a way that puts other attendees’ safety and wellbeing in jeopardy.

For further information please refer to our FAQs and Safety Protocols 

Put on your walking shoes and your mask, and join the Indigenous Photograph team on a curated tour of the Photoville Festival!
Date and Time: September 18, 2021 4:00 pm EST
Location: Entrance to Pier 1

Meet at Pier 1 Info Booth


Presenting Organization


Indigenous Photograph is a space to elevate the work of Indigenous visual journalists and bring balance to the way we tell stories about Indigenous people and spaces. Our mission is to support the media industry in hiring more Indigenous photographers to tell the stories of their communities and to reflect on how we tell these stories.

Our global database is available to photo editors, creative directors, and those who routinely hire photographers. Please reach out to us for a complete electronic database of our members—which includes detailed information regarding geographical areas of expertise, languages spoken, and contact information.